Interaction Design

“We are designing verbs, not nouns.”
— Moggridge

‘Change by Design’ – Tim Brown





Interaction design for enhancements to Microsoft’s adCenter campaign dashboard modules: 2010

Microsoft adCenter
User Experience Design: Microsoft

My assignment was to provide detailed wireframes, using PowerPoint, and behavior specifications for the implementation of new control additions to existing data display module. I closely assisted internal research team by providing click-through prototypes and solutions based on the findings. Including final red-lines and assets for development.

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View Microsoft Behavior specifications work sample PDF



Fidelity Investments – International

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Account management tracking of placed and saved orders with 2010

Fidelity International
Head of User Experience: Tobias&Tobias

I originally came into Tobias&Tobias as a consultant designated to Fidelity International’s web 2.0 redesign. Our assignment was to analyze their user research study, overhaul their navigation architecture, introduce an Endeca search feature.

My last 8 months at Tobias&Tobias was working on-site as a lead designer for the launch of Fidelity International’s modal mutual funds purchase environment. And the redesign of their adviser and direct customer account management platforms. I worked collaboratively with Fidelity’s international team of business owners and analysts (London), user research (Boston), visual designers and frontend developers (Dublin), and QA testing and development (India).


  • Data Audit
  • Wireframes
  • Flowcharts
  • Client workshops and review sessions
  • 3rd part tool integration
  • User Test Scripts and revisions
  • UAT testing and bug tracking

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Market detail screen wireframes: 2007 sportsbook
Sr. Information Architect: Betfair

I started at Betfair when it was still in a start-up mentality. Since then it has become the largest online betting company in the UK and the largest sports betting exchange in the world.

As Sr. Information Architect my first assignment was to restructure their ‘solar system’ of separate product sites into a single ‘portal’. I was then designated to the Sports Exchange product where I designed and launched several of their new features and products. I worked closely with various Product Managers to bring their vision to market through extensive user testing and agile development methods.

My last assignment at Betfair was the interaction design for a new Italian ‘Sportsbook’ web site. This wireframe illustrates the secondary navigation and interaction for 3 levels of event page filters.

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Getty Images

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Getty Images search results with add to Lightbox/Cart frame: 2001

Getty Images
Information Architect/User Interface Designer II

It was only a few months after Getty Images acquired PhotoDisc in 1998 when I started in marketing as the web designer designated to the PhotoDisc site. The acquisition was really to get a hold of the development team which I joined 2 years later as an information architect. In less than a year the site was grossing over a million dollars a day. Not bad for back then.

Search was crucial at Getty Images. ‘If you can’t find it, you can’t buy it’; was our motto. My role at Getty Images touched all aspects of user interface design and implementation on dynamic, search driven ecommerce web sites and proprietary backend web applications. Constant assignments for new features, enhancements, and lots of brand acquisition & integration. I worked closely with project managers, usability research, development, QA and marketing/sales teams.

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